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credit : Juliette Clémentine Aubin

credit : Juliette Clémentine Aubin

Alec Serra-Wagneur

Graduated from École Supérieure de théâtre de l’UQAM (2012)


Alpine skiing, ice hockey, urban biking, badminton, soccer, American football, cross country skiing, lacrosse, violin, acoustic guitar,
electric guitar, electric bass. Singing (Tenor). Bases in tango and swing.

No UDA : 123 474
Height : 5’10’’
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Green
Spoken languages : French (International, Québec),
                                    English (very slight accent), Spanish
Licence : Driver Class 5

Since his release from the École Supérieure de Théâtre in 2012, Alec Serra-Wagneur co-founded Comme d’in Vues, a summer theater company. We could see him in October 2013 in the play Hiver by Jon Fosse in the Intimate Room of Théâtre Prospero, directed by Aglaia Romanovskaia. More recently, he was in the distribution of Le grand sapin, a production of Théâtre 450.